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[美国/四级]爱的碎片 Little Part Of Me 2010(极品美女浪漫唯美

【影片名称】:爱的碎片 Little Part Of Me 2010(浪漫唯美情色)

? ???后失去她生命中的爱,琳达 (波比斯塔尔) 发现自己需要新的灵感。值得庆幸的是,她亲密的朋友有"完美"的解决方案,因为它只是恰巧琳达的失去的爱情是器官捐赠者。在努

力找到关闭,她找出每个器官的收件人看到 '他' 对他们的生活产生的影响。琳达会发现她在找什么?正是她在找什么?如果她找到了,她会做什么?有更多的问题,而不是答案

吗?一件事是肯定 — — 这个性感、 浪漫、 轻松的故事是一定要请爱好者的青睐。

After losing the love of her life, Linda (Bobbi Starr) finds herself in need of a new inspiration. Thankfully, her close friends have the “perfect”

solution as it just so happens that Linda’s lost love was an organ donor. In an effort to find closure, she seeks out each of the organs’ recipients to see

the impact “he” had on their lives. Will Linda find what she is looking for? What exactly is she looking for? What will she do if she finds it? Are there

more questions than answers? One thing is for sure – this sexy, romantic, light-hearted tale is sure to please lovers of all ages.

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